One down, how many more to go again?

After two false starts, Florida has finally managed to criminalize bestiality. Yes, two false starts. This biblically-endorsed moral slam dunk was bumped off twice, first by a Republican senator who thought the idea was ridiculous, then by a Democratic lawmaker who thought it was too icky to discuss.

Numerous cases are mentioned as the inspiration for this law, from the blind man who assaulted his guide dog to a goat that was found dead with evidence of prior sexual abuse over in St. Petersburg. In every case, the lack of an adequate legal framework for prosecuting the crime made bringing the perpetrator to justice difficult or impossible.

Florida is one of many states that lost their anti-bestiality laws when their anti-sodomy laws were struck down by the Supreme Court back in 1971. Although the new law only classifies bestiality as a misdemeanor, it does classify it as animal abuse. Hopefully, this should allow for more successful prosecutions in the future.

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