The Bower case

A shocking bestiality case has rocked Ohio recently. A man by the name of Peter Bower was arrested after he was found to have had an extensive history of animal molestation. The arrest happened a few weeks after he had adopted a dog from a Richland County animal shelter. The dog was examined afterwards and found to have vaginal bruising consistent with sexual assault.

Bower faces two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. His pre-trial hearing is set for July 15, and if convicted, faces a maximum of 9 months in jail and $1750 in fines. Ohio has no specific laws against bestiality, but this case has made enough waves to prompt Ohio House Rep. Jay Goyal to introduce a bill making bestiality a felony.

So how did this all come about? Bower was only busted because he hid his zoophilia in plain sight. It is said that he was initially discovered posting on a popular “furry” site about a couple of dogs he owned that had passed away a little over a year ago. The posts raised some suspicion, and further investigation revealed that he was also posting about the same dogs under the same alias over on the largest English-language bestiality site – the infamous BeastForum.

On BeastForum, Bower not only posted around thirty pictures of him assaulting his dogs but revealed how they had died. The two dogs were German Shepherds – one male, one female. (They were also brother and sister.) The female was put down when she had developed pyometra, an often fatal infection of the uterus that can sometimes occur in dogs that are left unspayed, bred too often, or (as in this rare case) sexually abused. The male was put down as well, for reasons that are more vague (prostate issues are mentioned as a possible reason).

Upon discovery of this material, Peter was quietly reported to a local animal shelter; they then notified the Sheriff’s department. Over the next few months, they monitored his activities. After he had adopted another dog from a county-run animal shelter and posted about it on the internet, the authorities decided that they finally had enough information to act.

When Bower was arrested, not only was his dog rescued, but his computers and several other items were seized as well. A wealth of information was found on his hard drives, and the press has played up the presence of a blow-up sheep doll and the book “Dearest Pet“, a sympathetic study of zoophilia throughout history.

The news reports also mention that Bower may have been able to gain access to at least one horse. One report also mentions an accomplice that may have helped him photograph his acts.

The repercussions of this incident are tremendous. Hopefully more information will come to light and some of the confusion cleared up once the trial gets underway.

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