Another fatality

It was revealed a few months back that a woman in Ireland has apparently died as a result of a massive allergic reaction caused by sexual activity with a dog.

Not too many details are known or even needed, but this is obviously a very unusual death. The woman apparently met up with the dog’s owner through the internet. Shortly after having some manner of sexual contact with the dog, she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead soon afterward. It is assumed that the woman died of anaphylactic shock.

The idea that sexual contact with an animal might cause a life-threatening reaction like this is nothing new. An animal could be carrying a sexually-transimissible disease that is mostly harmless to the animal but potentially dangerous to it’s owner. There is also the question of allergic reactions to certain bodily fluids, and that problem tends to go both ways. The animal’s owner could cause the animal to have a dangerous allergic reaction, or the animal could cause it’s owner to have a dangerous allergic reaction. It’s quite clear that this case is a very extreme occurrence of the latter.

What’s interesting is that the event occurred in 2008, but has only hit the media relatively recently. What’s also interesting is that there is no indication that the man who provided her with the dog has been identified or even charged.

The woman, who is not identified, leaves behind four children. The dog was held in quarantine during the investigation; it’s eventual fate is unknown. Rehabilitating animals that have been in abusive situations such as these is extremely difficult. Given that the dog was apparently trained to have sex with people, it’s entirely possible that it was put down at the close of the case.

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